What Causes a Washer to Leak From the Bottom?

Ragnar Schmuck/Getty Images

Several things can cause a washer to start leaking from the bottom including a loose hose. To determine if this is the issue, users should pull the washer away from the wall after disconnecting it from the electrical outlet.

After the washer is moved away from the wall, owners should check the hoses running from behind the washer. These hoses connect the hot and cold water and it is vital to check them thoroughly for leaks and cracks. There is another hose that connects to the back of the washer that functions to drain the water from the machine after it fills. Users should ensure the hose is not clogged and that it is connected to the drain. It is also important to check the drain itself for clogging issues.

Another issue that can cause water to leak from the bottom of a washer is a defective pump. Washers contain a pump that drives the water from the tub during the rinse and spin cycle. To determine if this is the issue, users should check the valves and the hose coming from the pump to ensure all seals are tight. If the leak is coming from a hose or faulty gasket, replacement is simple. If the leak is originating from the pump itself, repairs will be more difficult.