What Causes a Tingling Sensation in the Face?

Causes of tingling sensation in the face include damage to the peripheral nerves or facial skin due to injury, nerve entrapment and exposure to cold or toxic substances, and conditions such as migraine, multiple sclerosis and shingles, according to Healthgrades. Lack of enough vitamins in the body, and life-threatening conditions such as brain tumors, stroke and transient ischemic attack, are other possible causes of tingling sensation in the face.

It is advisable to seek immediate medical attention when tingling sensation appears, in order to receive early diagnosis and treatment, notes Healthgrades. This helps to prevent complications such as brain damage, permanent nerve damage and paralysis, which are associated with the condition. During the diagnosis, a doctor may seek to know when the tingling started, the exact facial location of tingling, the medications that the patient takes and other symptoms accompanying the condition. The doctor may then recommend an appropriate treatment option based on the diagnosed cause.

Tingling face is a condition in which the facial skin feels “pins and needles” as a result of an underlying condition, states Healthgrades. Patients with face tingling may also experience facial paralysis, facial numbness, blistering, facial inflammation and difficulty walking. They may also experience nerve ache, sensational changes, muscle weakness and impaired coordination. However, different patients may have different symptoms based on their respective causes of face tingling.