What Are the Causes of a Sore Tongue and Mouth?

A sore tongue can be caused by dehydration, fever and dry mouth, while a sore mouth can be the result of burning mouth syndrome, explains MedicineNet. Sometimes referred pain causes a sore mouth. When this occurs, a problem with the jaw or teeth manifests as mouth pain.

Yeast infections such as thrush, canker sores, burns and trauma can all cause a tongue to feel sore, says WebMD. Many of these problems such as trauma, canker sores and burns resolve over time, although over-the-counter solutions and medications can help to manage pain. Oral thrush or candidiasis can be treated at home by eating food with live and active cultures or taking medications.

Burning mouth or tongue syndrome gives a burning sensation without an obvious cause, explains Mayo Clinic. The syndrome causes pain throughout the entire mouth, including the tongue, throat, lips and gums and can last up to several years depending on the cause. Secondary burning mouth syndrome is an effect of another condition such as allergies, gastroesophageal reflux disease, endocrine disorders, dry mouth or mouth irritation and can be treated by treating the condition. However, primary secondary burning mouth syndrome has no known cause or cure, but can be treated by drinking more water, avoiding carbonation and tobacco products, and avoiding spicy and acidic foods.