What Are Some Causes for Sharp Pain in Your Toes and Feet?

Some causes for sharp pain in the toes and feet include peripheral neuropathy and Buerger’s disease, according to Healthline and Johns Hopkins Medicine. Dactylitis, a symptom of sickle cell disease, is another possible cause.

Peripheral neuropathy occurs because the nerves that send sensations from the brain to the fingers or toes are damaged, says Healthline. Because of this, the fingers and toes pick up pain signals even though there is nothing wrong. Causes of peripheral neuropathy are diseases such as diabetes, kidney disease and hypothyroidism, injury, alcohol, poisons and infections such as the Epstein-Barr virus. Medicines can also cause peripheral neuropathy, especially anti-convulsants, antibiotics and drugs that treat hypertension and cancer.

Buerger’s disease is a disorder in which clots and inflammation affect the hands and the feet, says Johns Hopkins Medicine. The symptoms are often intense pain in the extremities that then travels to other places in the body. The fingers and toes may also turn white if they are exposed to cold and may become ulcerated or gangrenous.

Dactylitis is one of a group of symptoms of sickle-cell disease, says WebMD. Because the blood flow to the hands and feet are blocked, the fingers and toes swell up painfully. Dactylitis is one of the first signs that a child has sickle-cell anemia, and it often arrives when she is still an infant.