What Causes the Samsung TV Blinking Error Code?

The blinking error code on Samsung televisions can be caused by a number of deficiencies including problems with the cooling fan, lamp cover and general ventilation problems. The LEDs on the front panel blink in a certain combination to show what is wrong.

When the timer light and standby light are blinking but the lamp light is off, the cooling fan is no longer working normally. When the timer light is off and the lamp and standby lights are blinking, the rear cover is not shut. When the timer and lamp lights are off and the standby light is blinking, the set is overheating due to a blockage in the ventilation hole at the back of the set. When all three lights are blinking, the LED driver is defective and should be looked at.

Fixing the television when the blinking error codes are present may be covered under the Samsung warranty. All Samsung televisions come with a 12-month warranty. For screen sizes 32 inches or under, owners must bring the television to a Samsung service center. If the screen is 37 inches or larger, Samsung provides in-home service or other options depending on the situation. The warranty is voided by misuse or unauthorized repairs or replacement parts.