What Causes a Reduced Engine Power Light to Come on in a Vehicle?

mario loiselle/E+/Getty Images

A reduced engine power light signals that there is a problem with the battery or the power system. This indicates a wide array of concerns, such as a dying battery, corroded connections or issues with headlights and wiper mechanics. The reduced engine power light is not uniformly present in all vehicles but always signifies an issue with the battery connection.

The reduced engine power light is a bright yellow indicator on the dashboard of some vehicles that shows there is a problem with the power source of a car or truck. It comes on in instances when the battery or lines between electrical systems in the engine cease to function properly. Many of these issues are associated with corrosion and moisture damage. Fixing these issues requires a car computer reader to pinpoint the exact cause.

Reduced power to the engine is largely due to battery problems. Many of these cases are resolved by replacing a battery or spark plugs so the power flow is appropriately restored. There are some instances when more serious consequences like engine seizure or even vehicle fires result from problems with reduced power. The significance of this light is dictated by where and how power is leaking out of an engine system.