What Causes Nerve Pain in the Thigh?

See-ming Lee/CC-BY 2.0

Nerve pain in the thigh is caused by damage to the femoral nerve, which in turn may be caused by direct injury, pelvic fractures, radiation to the pelvis or prolonged pressure on the nerve, according to Healthline. A tumor or other growth may also cause nerve pain.

Damage to the femoral nerve also may be caused by a catheter placed into the femoral artery, as may be required for conducting certain surgical procedures. Hemorrhage or bleeding into the retroperitoneal space, or the space behind the abdomen, may cause damage to the femoral nerve leading to nerve pain in the thigh. Diabetes is a major cause of pain in the femoral nerve as well, states Healthline. It may cause adverse nerve damage as a result of variations in blood sugar and blood pressure.

One of the major nerves in the leg is the femoral nerve. Located near the groin, the femoral nerve controls the muscles that keep the leg straight and help to move the hips. It also provides sensation in the lower part of the hind limb and the front of the thigh. Damage to this nerve makes it difficult for a person to move and may decrease the sensation ability in the leg, explains Healthline.