What Causes Nerve Pain in Teeth?

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Nerve pain in teeth has many causes, including inflamed sinuses, gum disease, cracked teeth, cavities, exposed roots, and inflammation or infection in the pulp of a tooth, states Dear Doctor. In severe cases infection spreads from the pulp tissue into the surrounding periodontal tissues, creating an abscess below the tooth.

There are many causes for nerve pain in a tooth, states Humana. Sensitivity to hot or cold foods sometimes triggers mild pain in the teeth but is not always cause for concern. This kind of mild sensitivity is often caused by a small area of tooth decay, a loose filling or a slightly exposed root surface on a particular tooth, and temporary use of a toothpaste or mouthwash for sensitive teeth often helps, according to Dear Doctor.

Home remedies are available for mild tooth pain. Chewing a clove of garlic for several minutes each day is sufficient to relieve minor pain and potentially to benefit the condition of the teeth, states Humana. In addition to garlic, saltwater eases pain in teeth, especially if gum disease is the primary cause, states Top 10 Home Remedies. Do not wait for the pain to subside on its own. In all cases of tooth or jaw pain, it is important to see a professional as soon as possible for proper evaluation and treatment, advises Dear Doctor.