What Causes Neck Swelling and Ear Pain?

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Causes of neck swelling include skin conditions such as acne, boils, cysts and skin infections; serious medical conditions such as throat cancer, anaphylaxis and angioedema; neck injury; and neck surgery, according to Healthgrades. Conditions such as goiter, mononucleosis and mumps may also cause neck swelling. Ear pain, on the other hand, may result from jaw arthritis, tooth infection, acute or chronic ear infection, and sinus infection, notes MedlinePlus. Sore throat and ear wax accumulation can also cause ear pain.

Neck swelling is a condition in which the neck becomes inflamed due to fluid buildup, states Healthgrades. Although a mild condition in some cases, neck swelling may cause tongue inflammation, facial inflammation, lip inflammation and hinder proper breathing, which may manifest in various ways including wheezing, choking and labored breathing. An individual should visit a doctor immediately when these symptoms appear to ensure early diagnosis and treatment of the underlying cause.

Ear pain is a condition in which a person experiences a short-term or long-term sharp, burning or dull sensation in the ears, explains MedlinePlus. It is also known as earache or otalgia. It can attack a single ear or both of them. Although home care measures such as chewing gum and use of painkillers including ibuprofen relieve ear pain symptoms, an individual should seek medical care when symptoms such as headache, ear inflammation, weak facial muscles, irritability and high body temperature accompany ear pain.