What Causes Muscle Cramps in the Thigh?

lzf/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

Muscle cramps in the thigh may be caused by excessive use of the thigh muscle, muscle injury, reduced blood flow to the legs, inadequate calcium and potassium, and conditions including alcoholism, kidney failure and hypothyroidism, Healthline explains. Sometimes, the exact cause of a muscle cramp may be unknown.

Measures for preventing muscle cramps include staying hydrated, warming up before significant physical activity, avoiding activity that typically causes cramps, and ensuring adequate levels of relevant minerals and nutrients, Healthline states. Increasing water intake before strenuous exercise is particularly helpful in preventing cramps. Calcium and potassium intake can be raised by increasing the proportion of foods and drinks including bananas, orange juice and milk in the individualメs diet.

Options for treating muscle cramps in the thigh include home remedies such as applying ice, over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication, and treating the condition that causes muscle cramps, Healthline reports. In addition to ice, applying a heating pad or a stretch of hot cloth whenever a spasm occurs may also be helpful. In cases where an underlying condition such as a low level or calcium or potassium is causing the cramp, treating or managing that condition may alleviate any pain and reduce the severity of spasms. Individuals who have difficulty sleeping because of the cramps may benefit from a prescription muscle relaxer.