What Causes Muscle Cramps All Over Your Body?

Some of the causes of muscle cramps all over the body include strains and sprains, peripheral neuropathy, and kidney failure. Other causes are rickets and low blood sodium, states Healthline. Muscle cramps are the involuntary and sudden contractions that affect the different muscles in the body.

Strains and sprains occur when a person engages in physical activity. They affect the muscles and mostly occur in the groin, calf or thigh and can be severe or mild, explains Healthline.

The peripheral nervous system links the nerves from the spinal cord and brain to other parts of the body such as legs, hands, face, arms and internal organs. If the nerves are destroyed or damaged, they malfunction, and peripheral neuropathy occurs, sometimes sending pain to parts of the body, according to Healthline.

The body has two kidneys with one on every side of the spine. They get rid of toxins from the body and send them to the bladder and also filter blood. Kidney failure happens when the kidneys fail to remove waste from the blood as they should, notes Healthline.

Rickets is as a result of phosphate, vitamin D or calcium deficiency. It makes the body have soft and weak bones. In severe cases, it can cause deformities in the skeleton, according to Healthline.

Sodium is an important electrolyte that controls the balance of water in the cells of the body. It contributes to the proper functioning of the nerves and muscles. If water and sodium are not in balance, low blood sodium occurs, and that prevents the nerves and muscles from functioning properly, explains Healthline.