What Causes Middle Back Pain in Women?

Middle back pain in women is caused by overuse of the muscles in the back, poor posture, injury to the muscles or discs that support the spine, and muscle strain, explains WebMD. Some women may injure the middle area of the back when lifting heavy objects, slump or slouch when sitting or standing, or when playing sports.

A jolt from a car accident or a blow to the back can cause middle back pain, according to WebMD. Women with a myofascial condition experience pain in the middle back when the nearby connective tissues of a group of muscles is affected by the disease.

Medical conditions or injuries such as osteoarthritis, a fracture of the vertebrae, or scoliosis or kyphosis put pressure on the spine and cause middle back pain in both men and women, explains WebMD. Women with a herniated disc, spinal stenosis or a degenerative disc disease experience middle back pain. Fractures and herniated and degenerative discs put force on the spine which can cause bones and discs to collapse or break, prompting pain in the middle back. Some patients experience difficulty breathing in addition to back pain.

Women with cancer, an infection or gallbladder disease are prone to middle back pain, according to WebMD.