What Are Some Causes of Lung Blebs?

Common causes of lung blebs are changes in air pressure or an abrupt, deep breath, according to the United States National Institutes of Health. Certain people are also genetically predisposed to developing lung blebs.

Blebs are tiny pockets of air that form in lung tissue. When these air bubbles rupture, the air can leak into the space surrounding the affected lung, which can lead to a partial or complete collapse of the lung. This medical condition is known as pneumothorax.

People who actively engage in sports, such as mountain climbers and scuba divers, are at risk for pneumothorax. Extreme changes in air pressure may result in the formation of blebs, notes Healthline.

In the absence of an underlying pulmonary disorder or lung trauma, the condition is called primary spontaneous pneumothorax. People with mutations in their FLCN gene are vulnerable to this disease.