What Are Some Causes of Jaw and Ear Pain?

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Dental conditions, temporomandibular joint disorder, neuralgia and rheumatoid arthritis may cause jaw pain, states Healthgrades. Arthritis of the jaw, a sinus infection, a hole in the ear or a tooth infection may result in ear pain, explains MedlinePlus.

Disorders of the jaw and soft tissues that can result in jaw pain include osteoarthritis, bone infection, tetanus, sinusitis, and jaw dislocation or fracture, notes Healthgrades. Osteonecrosis of the jaw, which is insufficient supply of blood to the jaw area, improperly aligned teeth, and age-related wear and tear on the jaw joint and surrounding tissues may also trigger jaw pain. Tooth decay, tooth abscesses, dry socket and impacted teeth are dental disorders that can lead to jaw pain.

Headache and thyroiditis, which is inflammation of the thyroid gland, may cause the jaw to ache, according to Healthgrades. Oral cancer and heart attacks are life threatening conditions that can stimulate jaw pain.

Other causes of ear pain include sore throat, temporomandibular joint condition, short-term or long-term ear infections, and injuries to the ear, according to MedlinePlus. Ear canal irritation, ear wax buildup and obstacles that stay in the ear, including soaps and shampoo, may also cause the problem. In children, ear pain is usually due to infections. A person can chew gum, put a cold cloth on the outer ear, dry the ears after bathing and use over-the-counter medications to alleviate the pain.