What Causes Involuntary Leg Shaking?

There can be many reasons for involuntary leg shaking or tremors. It is possible to develop shaking limbs after experiencing a traumatic brain injury. Some other causes of this symptom are taking certain medications, liver disease, thyroid issues, Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis, according to MedicineNet.

There can be many other medical conditions that also present this symptom, such as strokes, seizures and Huntington’s disease, states Healthline. Involuntary shaking or tremors can also involve other parts of the body as well. Another factor that can lead to leg tremors is the aging process.

Leg tremors are characterized by a rhythmic involuntary movement that can make it difficult for people to walk or do certain daily activities. Many of the medical conditions that cause leg shaking can be due to brain or neurological problems, which affect muscle control in the body.

Although many medical conditions can cause leg tremors, another cause may be taking certain medications or drugs, including stimulants and anti-psychotic medicines. Excessive alcohol use or withdrawal of this substance can also lead to uncontrollable shaking of the body or limbs, states MedicineNet. The symptom may also be of an idiopathic or genetic nature.

Leg tremor treatment may depend on its specific cause. When medications or alcohol abuse are the cause, the tremors can stop once the cause is addressed. If a medical condition is the cause, then doctors need to identify the problem before recommending a course of treatment options.