What Causes Indiscipline in School?

woodleywonderworks/CC-BY 2.0

Indiscipline in school can be caused by a number of things, such as, boredom, negative peer influence and psychological issues. Indiscipline has been an ongoing problem in most schools for many years.

Often, a teacher’s only recourse for bad behavior in the classroom is punishment, which is usually ineffective. Many students for one reason or another, are proud of the punishment they receive in school. No matter how hard educators try to understand and stop misconduct in schools, it remains a problem that most teachers and other school employees deal with on a daily basis.

Indiscipline can have a profoundly negative effect on school performance and grades. To combat these negative effects, parents and teachers often work together to formulate a plan to cater to the child’s needs, and this plan often includes courses to make the child feel useful and to give him a purpose. Often, a parent’s involvement in his or her child’s education can help to improve the child’s behavior and will make him realize his education is important. Misbehaving is often seen as a way of getting attention and positive attention from the parents and school administrators may correct this type of behavior. However, it is almost impossible for teachers to provide this kind of individualized attention for every troubled student.