What Causes Flushed Red Cheeks?

Laurence Monneret/Taxi/Getty Images

Flushed cheeks and an overall flushed complexion can be caused by many things, including eating spicy foods, emotional triggers and various skin conditions. One of these skin conditions is called rosacea, and it can cause swelling, redness, acne and a flushed complexion.

Spicy foods, especially those derived from hot peppers, can cause flushing in the cheeks and neck. Some other spicy foods known to cause this are cayenne pepper and paprika. These foods also cause a raise in body temperature as well as skin irritation. Emotional triggers, like embarrassment, anger and anxiety, are known to signal an increase in blood pressure that, in turn, causes a flushing in the cheeks and neck. Facial blushing can also be caused by alcohol consumption, fever, reactions to medicines like niacin, Cushing’s disease and Carcinoid syndrome. Women going through menopause can also have frequent flushing of the face and neck.

Preventing flushing requires avoiding spicy food, high-stress environments and other triggers. Deep breathing exercises can help lower blood pressure and relieve emotional stress, according to HeathLine. While flushing can be caused by many non-harmful reasons, they can be the sign of a more serious medical condition. If flushing persists and is accompanied with other symptoms, it’s advised to meet with a doctor.