What Causes a Craving for Orange Juice?

A craving for orange juice can be caused by a body with low glucose levels, watching commercials that advertise orange juice, a hormonal imbalance or vitamin or mineral deficiency, notes Women’s Health magazine. Orange juice is one of the better cravings to have when compared with sugary or fattening foods and drinking a glass of orange juice is considered healthy.

If a person discovers that they are experiencing a craving for orange juice, then they should feel free to indulge the craving, reports WebMD. If the craving intensifies or is present for several days then it may be vise to visit the doctor to check for any nutritional deficiencies or abnormal hormonal profiles, writes Women’s Health magazine. When cravings are persistent and specific, doctors recommend finding the reason why the cravings exist to ensure optimal health.

Different cravings can indicate different problems within the body, explains Women’s Health magazine. A craving for orange juice would fall into the category of craving something sweet due to the natural sugars found in fruits. People who crave sugary and sweet foods tend to be interested in boosting their mood and are a bit wild in their personal life. They seek out plenty of sensory stimuli. Those who crave orange juice due to body needs may do so because they need to balance their blood sugar or because they are feeling overly anxious or stressed.