What Causes Burning Pain on Top of a Foot?

zaimoku_woodpile/CC-BY 2.0

A burning pain on the top of the leg commonly occurs due to a damaged nerve. Diabetes is a common cause for a damaged nerve, but there are also other health conditions that can cause it. Treatment usually focuses on treating the underlying condition, easing pain and preventing further nerve damage.

One common cause of burning feet is neuropathy and the damaged nerves tend to get serious in some cases if not treated. When the leg nerves get damaged, others symptoms, such as numbness and tingling, may also appear. People at higher risk of experience burning feet are diabetics and those who abuse alcohol. Other conditions that can lead neuropathy include sarcoidosis, HIV/AIDS, hypertension, Lyme disease, edema, heavy metal poisoning, vitamin deficiency, chronic kidney disease among others. Also, poor circulation of blood in the feet can also lead to burning feet, tingling and pain, as stated by WebMD.

In most cases, the cause of the burning feet can only be detected after a visit to the doctor. The doctor may carry out several tests, including electromyography, nerve conduction study, nerve biopsy and nerve tests to know the cause. In some people, the condition can happen suddenly and worsen rapidly without having any known cause.