What Causes a Bubble to Form on the White of the Eye?

A blister or bubble that forms on the white of the eye signifies allergic conjunctivitis, a condition in which the eyes react to irritants such as pollen, dust and dander, according to the American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus. The condition is not contagious but can cause significant discomfort.

Allergic conjunctivitis can also occur when the eyes are exposed to strong chemicals such as dyes and fragrances, according to Healthline. Symptoms can also develop in individuals with sensitivities to eye drops or contact lens solution. Additional symptoms of allergic conjunctivitis include watering eyes, itching eyes and eye puffiness. The eyes may also burn and appear inflamed.

Allergic conjunctivitis can be treated with topical decongestant medications that help to decrease redness, however, symptoms can increase if this type of medication is used for an extended period of time, according to WebMD. Additional treatment remedies include topical antihistamine medications to relieve swelling and itchiness, immunotherapy allergy shots, and oral medications. Severe cases of allergic conjunctivitis can also be treated with topical steroids, but this type of medication must only be used under the supervision of a physician, as steroids can increase eye pressure. Additionally, topical steroids cannot be used if a viral eye infection accompanies allergic symptoms.