What Are Some Causes of Bowel Problems and Excessive Sweating?

Autonomic neuropathy can lead to excessive sweating and bowel problems such as constipation, problems controlling bowel movements and vomiting food the body was unable to digest, notes MedlinePlus. Fecal impaction can lead to symptoms such as inability to have bowel movements, leaking stool when coughing, sudden diarrhea and sweating, states the University of Chicago Medical Center.

Autonomic neuropathy is a group of symptoms related to damage of the nerves that control bodily functions such as bowel and bladder emptying, heart rate and digestion, according to MedlinePlus. People such as those with HIV or AIDS, alcoholics, diabetics and those with inherited nerve disorders are at higher risk of developing autonomic neuropathy. Along with gastrointestinal problems and excessive perspiration, people with autonomic neuropathy may experience abnormal heart rates, difficulty urinating, problems swallowing and feeling full after ingesting small amounts of food.

People with fecal impaction have dry stool that the body is unable to pass, notes the University of Chicago Medical Center. In addition to bowel problems and sweating, people experiencing fecal impaction may have problems breathing, pain in the back or abdomen, rapid heartbeat and dehydration. People who overuse laxatives are at risk of suffering from fecal impaction, as are those who use opioids and people who leave their constipation untreated.