What Causes Bleeding From the Urethra?

The causes of bleeding from the urethra include urinary tract infections, kidney infections, kidney stones, enlarged prostate, kidney disease, cancer and inherited disorders, notes Mayo Clinic. Other causes include kidney injury, strenuous exercises and certain medications.

Blood from the urethra is a condition known as hematuria, where the kidneys or other areas of the urinary tract allow blood cells to get into the urine, states Mayo Clinic. Visible bleeding from the urethra can be a sign of advanced prostate, bladder or kidney cancer. A kidney injury caused by contact sports or an accident can cause bleeding from the urethra. Anti-cancer medications, such as penicillin and cyclophosphamide, leads to urinary bleeding. A patient taking anticoagulant can also experience visible urinary blood. Although it is rare and not understood, strenuous exercises can result in blood in the urine. It is linked to breakdown of red blood cells during aerobic exercise and trauma to the bladder.

A patient requires an X-ray to evaluate the kidneys and bladder. The doctor may carry out cystoscopy, a medical procedure that uses a tiny camera to look into the bladder. Patients experiencing bleeding from the urethra should seek immediate medical attention since it can be a symptom of a severe condition, such as cancer.