What Are the Causes of Armed Robbery?

A variety of social, economic and psychological factors may cause destructive behaviors such as armed robbery. Academia takes the viewpoint of anomie theory, a sociological theory that states armed robbery may be caused by factors such as social stratification, lack of social mobility, culture conflict and distribution of wealth. Psychological explanations include conduct disorder and antisocial personality disorder.

Anomie theory poses that material success is one of the primary goals of persons within society. The inability to achieve this goal causes individuals to adopt normlessness and disorganization as a way of life. Anomie theory posits that individuals become disenfranchised with society and decide to seek wealth by whatever means necessary.

Psychological explanations of armed robbery assume that antisocial personality disorder and conduct disorder play large roles in individuals committing armed robbery. Forceful theft in the presence of a victim is one of the diagnostic criteria for conduct disorder, according to Psych Central. Antisocial personality disorder is a condition in which individuals disregard the rights of others and feel no remorse or empathy regarding their actions. Criminality is often a result of this personality trait, and armed robbers often exhibit the callous and unremorseful attitude of individuals who have antisocial personality disorder.