What Caused the Maytag Neptune Recall?

The Maytag Neptune front-load washing machine recall was caused by water leakage, resulting in electrical problems, issues with mold and improper function. The recall was issued in 2007 and covered machines with serial numbers beginning with either MAH9700 or MAH8700.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, over 250,000 units were affected by the recall. The recall was based on faulty operations that stemmed from water leaking into the machine’s thermal sensor electrical connections, potentially causing an electrical short, igniting the circuit board and becoming a potential fire hazard. Water leakage also created issues with mold and odor.

Prior to the recall, a class action lawsuit involving over two million consumers was initiated in 2005. Maytag settled the suit by offering:

  • Repair reimbursements or replacement costs of up to $500
  • Certificates to purchase new machines in value of up to $1,000