What Is the Cause of a Throbbing Knee Pain?

A throbbing knee pain is a common condition that can be caused by runner’s knee, meniscus tears and torn or swollen ligaments, as stated by WebMD. This condition is common among athletes. There are also other conditions that may lead to knee pain, including tendonitis, medical plica syndrome, bursitis, bone chips, osteoarthritis and a partially dislocated kneecap among other conditions.

The symptoms of a knee pain can include inability to straighten the knee, instability, popping, stiffness, warmth on the affected area and swelling. The symptoms may vary depending on a particular knee injury. Some people may experience fever, which requires immediate medical help. A person who is experiencing any of these symptoms should seek medical attention to figure out the cause. A doctor may order an X-ray or MRI to diagnose the knee, notes WebMD.

Recovery from a knee pain depends on its cause, since patients recuperate at different rates. Patients who are experiencing knee pain due to bursitis may require excess fluids to be extracted from the knee. The doctor prescribes medication to alleviate the pain and to treat the underlying cause. Therapy may also be necessary to improve balance and stability. In some cases, direct injections to the knee may be necessary, as stated by Mayo Clinic.