What Is a Catholic Healing Mass?

A Catholic healing mass is a special celebration of the mass that aims at helping people find healing in whatever areas they may require it. Although according to the Catholic Church the mass itself has certain healing properties, a healing mass focuses participants on the specific theme of healing.

Music and other elements of the liturgical celebration focus on the theme of healing to support the aim of the healing mass. Usually after such celebrations there is a team of people trained to pray for specific needs. The prayer ceremony may involve those who need healing coming forward to receive the prayers of a prayer team. An individual with a specific prayer request approaches the team and tells them her request. The team leaders may place their hands over the individual’s head and offer intercession to God.

The Catholic Church carefully regulates such masses and services to ensure that liturgical regulations are followed and that church leaders and prayer teams do not foster ideas about healing and prayer that go against the gospels. Examples of Church regulations concerning prayers for healing are the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith’s 2000 document “Prayers for Healing,” as well as the “Ordo benedictionis infirmorum” of the “Rituale Romanum.”