How Do You Catch Lugia in “Pokemon Crystal”?


To catch Lugia in “Pokemon Crystal,” get the Silver Wing in Pewter City from the elderly man and then travel using surf past Olivine City to the Whirl Islands. Make sure that you have fully leveled Pokemon and plenty of balls. In this encounter, Lugia is a level 60, and you must wait until Lugia has nearly 1 hp to catch it.

Lugia is a Legendary Pokemon that has two abilities: psychic and flying. Lugia is one of the Pokemon mascots and, within the games, is thought of as a guardian of the seas. Lugia’s wings can both stop and create violent storms. Physically, Lugia resembles a white dinosaur and a bird with blue markings. It is neither male or female. In the game, it is slow to gain levels.

With its supreme power, Lugia leads the Legendary birds and is one of the only Pokemon that can calm them. Because Lugia is so smart, it chooses to live at the bottom of the ocean where its powers cannot be misused to hurt anyone. As such, it is seldom seen on the surface. Lugia was created during the second generation of Pokemon. With the fourth generation, it was revealed that Lugia’s wings could cause a 40-day storm.