What Is Casual Elegant Attire for Women?

Casual elegant attire for women is defined as a step above business casual yet a step below formal wear. An example of a casual elegant outfit would be straight-cut black polyester pants, a dressy black and white striped blouse, red leather pumps and a matching red leather purse.

The line between business casual and casual elegant attire is blurry at best. If a situation calls for casual elegance, a woman should think about dressing up a business casual outfit with accessories and a bit of flair. For example, a simple black dress can easily be transformed into something appropriate. Adding fine jewelry, such as a gold choker and bangle bracelets, red stilettos, a matching purse and dramatic makeup complete the ensemble. Even a pantsuit can be dressed up to fit into this category, which makes it easy for a woman to go from the office to an event. Simply by changing into a pair of heels, adding some jewelry and touching up her makeup, she is ready to attend.

One should not be misled by the term “casual” in the phrase as casual elegance is anything but that. It is simply used to delineate this attire from the more elegant formal requirement of long, flowing gowns and tiny strappy shoes.