What Is a Case Management Conference for a Divorce?

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A case management conference is a meeting between both parties and their legal representatives during which they discuss how to proceed with the case, according to the Judicial Branch of California. Case management conferences are common during civil suits, which includes divorce, and take place between 120 and 180 days after the initial filing. In some cases, the court may waive the case management conference if paperwork is filed correctly.

As USLegal explains, the court and the opposing parties attempt to settle some issues during the case management conference prior to the start of the trial. If the parties are able to settle all outstanding issues, the suit may be concluded without a trial.

According to LegalZoom, parties should prepare for a divorce case management conference by making a complete list of the couple’s joint assets and other issues that need to be settled during the suit. Parties should also fill out the required forms available from the court. In some cases, such as in California, the forms have a filing deadline a few weeks prior to the case management conference. During the case management conference, both sides can discuss the types of discovery motions that they want to pursue. Types of discovery that may come up during the case management conference include interrogatories, depositions and subpoenas.