What Are Some Cartoon Character Names That Begin With Z?

Zazu, a hornbill from the Disney movie “The Lion King,” and Zeus, a Greek god from the Disney movie “Hercules,” are two cartoon character names that begin with the letter Z. Zazu is one of two characters from “The Lion King” whose name begins with Z. Zira, one of the lions in the movie, is the other.

Additional Disney cartoon characters with names that begin with Z are Zarina from “Pirate Fairies,” Zephyr from “The Hunchback of Notre Dame II,” Zhou from “Mulan” Ziggy the Vulture from “The Jungle Book,” Zipper the Fly from “Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers” and Zurg from “Toy Story.”

Some cartoon characters from Marvel who have names beginning with Z are Zaladane, Zaran, Zarda, Zarek, Zeitgeist, Zemo, Zodiak, Zombie, Zuras and Zzzax. These characters appear in stories such as “Marvel Knights,” “Defenders,” “Hulk” and “Squadron Supreme.”

In 1981, a cartoon called “Zorro” was created based on the classic live action TV series. Its lead character was Zorro, a man who fights crime to save the day. After he has saved the day, he leaves his mark with a sword in the shape of the letter “Z.”

A few additional cartoon character names that begin with the letter Z are Zandor, Zok and Zorak.