What Are Some Cars With Spanish Names?

Some cars with Spanish names include the Hyundai Santa Fe, Porsche Carrera, Chevy El Camino and Nissan Armada. A number of auto manufacturers feature Spanish names for their vehicles. Naming cars remains an art and can be pivotal as to how well the vehicle sells.

Santa Fe means ?holy fate? in Spanish. Manufactured by Hyundai, the Santa Fe is a car-based crossover SUV. It is offered in standard and sport packages featuring three rows of seating and numerous technical features.

Spanish for ?race,? Carrera is a line of vehicles manufactured by German automobile manufacturer Porsche. The company is noted for production of high-performance sports cars, SUVs and sedans. The Carrera is prominently featured in the Porsche line of 911 automobiles.

El Camino means ?the way? in Spanish. The El Camino was a car-truck hybrid manufactured by Chevrolet and was introduced in 1958. The vehicle was a combination sedan-pickup truck built on the frame of the Chevy Impala. Chevrolet stopped production of the El Camino in 1987. However, the car is considered a cult classic among auto enthusiasts.

In Spanish, Armada means ?armed.? The Armada is manufactured by Nissan and is a full-size SUV that is offered in several configurations and price ranges. It features a 5.6-liter V8 317-horsepower engine and seats up to eight passengers.