Which Cars Are on the Flat Towable Vehicle List?


The list of cars on the flat vehicle towing list is long and varied, including the Chevrolet Cruze and Malibu, the Dodge Dart and Durango, and the Ford Fiesta and Taurus. The list also includes many SUVs, such as the Jeep Cherokee, the Ford Explorer and the GMC Acadia.

Many motor home owners like to have a smaller vehicle to use when going into town or doing short sight-seeing trips around the area. While almost any vehicle can be towed with two-wheeled dollies or four-wheel trailers, flat towing, also called “dinghy towing,” has become popular. The recreational vehicle owner doesn’t have to purchase a dolly or trailer or worry about storage at home or on the road.

In the past, almost every vehicle with manual transmission could be flat towed. However, with the popularity of automatic transmissions and the many drive options, the RV owner must now make sure the car is suitable for flat towing. The owner also needs to know the maximum towing limit of the coach. In general, front-wheel-drive vehicles with manual transmissions and most compact four-wheel-drive vehicles with manual transfer cases are the easiest and most economical to tow. When flat towing a vehicle, it is critical have a properly designed and installed mechanical linkage between the coach and towed vehicle.