What Cars Can Be Towed Behind an RV?

Recreational vehicles are best suited for flat towing other vehicles that can be towed on four wheels, such as Jeeps, Toyota FJ Cruisers, Ford Fusions, Chrysler Silverado 1500s and Dodge Rams, according to Edmunds.com. Owners of vehicles that are not flat-tow-compatible can have RV dealerships install aftermarket devices for towing.

Older vehicles tend to be compatible with flat towing, since they are more likely to have manual transmissions, lockout hubs and transfer cases. Flat towing involves connecting the back of an RV to the front end of a vehicle with a towing bar and allowing that vehicle to roll flat on the ground behind the RV on all four wheels. Doing so on a vehicle that is not compatible with flat towing may cause damage to its transmission and void its warranty.

If a vehicle is not factory-ready for flat towing, the owner can purchase a trailer or install such aftermarket devices as drive shaft decouplers and transmission lubrication pumps. The upfront costs, amount of work involved to load and unload vehicles and the extra storage needed at campsites have made trailers unpopular. Aftermarket devices are expensive to purchase and maintain, and they must be installed by professionals to avoid damaging the vehicles.