How Do You Care for a Swollen Monroe Piercing?

Several methods will help reduce the swelling on Monroe piercings, such as ice treatments, regular cleaning of the piercing site, rinsing the mouth with mouthwash and avoiding smoking and eating certain types of food. A Monroe piercing refers to a body piercing made off-center on top of the upper lip. While it was named after Marilyn Monroe who had a beauty mark on the upper left side of her mouth, a Monroe piercing may be placed on the left or right side above the upper lip.

As with any other body piercing, swelling and bleeding on the piercing site are common symptoms that follow the procedure. Piercings should, however, be treated as an open wound and aftercare treatment and management are essential to keep the piercing from getting infected.

After getting a Monroe piercing, swelling normally occurs within 72 hours after the procedure and the inflammation may be considerable. Placing an ice pack on the swollen area will help reduce the inflammation on the lips. Ice, however, should not be used directly on the skin as this may cause tissue damage.

The regular use of an antiseptic mouthwash three to four times a day can help speed up the healing process of mouth piercings. Smoking should be avoided, as well as eating spicy foods. Excessive talking, playing with the piercing and oral sexual contact should likewise be avoided during the healing process.