How Do Care for a Solenia Begonia?

Caring for a Solenia begonia is a simple process involving proper placement and conditions, regular watering and fertilizing. In order to care for your Solenia begonia, you will need access to soil, water, fertilizer and a watering can or spray bottle.

  1. Provide good placement and conditions for the begonia

    Place the begonia in a location where it will receive as much light as possible. The temperature in the area where the plant is placed should be somewhat cool, generally ranging from 65 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit. It is okay if the temperature begins to drop during the last few weeks of the plant’s development.

  2. Water the begonia regularly

    Evaluate the wetness of the soil in which the Solenia begonia sits regularly. Begonias require damp soil to grow, but it is important that you do not over-water to the point that the plant sits in a pool of water. Add a small amount of water to the soil when it begins to dry out to ensure that it stays moist.

  3. Apply fertilizer when necessary

    Wait six weeks after planting your begonias, and then use a calcium nitrate fertilizer on the soil. Every few weeks, apply more fertilizer to the soil. This will increase the clumping of the flowers.