How Do You Care for a Dwarf Korean Lilac Tree?

The dwarf Korean lilac tree is a bush that boasts vibrant purple blossoms and a sweet fragrance. The tree requires very little care. Just follow a few simple steps and gather the necessary materials:

  1. Plant in a good location

    Place your lilac bush in a good location. This tree requires full sun, cool weather and well-drained soil. If you choose a cultivar for warmer climates, make sure that it isn’t placed in a location that receives water year-round because dormancy is necessary to its health.

  2. Water the plant

    Make sure that your lilac bush gets at least 1 inch of water per week, particularly during the summer

  3. Fertilize the plant

    Don’t over-fertilize your lilac tree, as this can result in a lack of flowering. After the tree is established in its location, fertilize it only in the early spring before it produces new growth. Use an all-purpose fertilizer.

  4. Prune the plant

    Lilac bushes require very little pruning. Prune the plant when the flower clusters start getting smaller after it blooms. Cut away damaged and diseased branches as they occur. Remove deadhead and faded blossoms to keep the plant looking tidy. To deal with a lilac in bad shape, prune one-third of the oldest branches down to the ground.