How Do You Take Care of Dragon Wing Begonias?

Dragon wing begonias prefer average room temperatures, a healthy dose of water several times each week, average to high humidity levels and moist soils. Like others in the begonia family, the dragon wing species are tropical flowering plants. They may reach up to 2 feet in height and can grow to the same size in width. These flowers can be grown outside in tropical climates and even sit outside in temperate regions from late spring through early fall.

Dragon wing begonias, with the proper care, do well as container plants. They enjoy warm and moist climates but are adaptable to a wide range of humidity. These begonias can be planted outdoors in warm and tropical climates, but in temperate locations, they do much better when potted. In containers, they can be easily moved indoors when cold weather arrives without having their roots disturbed and growth disrupted.

Begonias that live inside during the winter should be repotted in the spring to pots one size larger; the soil should be lightly packed and allow for some air to enter around the roots. These plants enjoy plenty of sunshine. Indoors, they do best in sunny windows and should be placed in semi-sunny locations outside. Finally, their surrounding soils should be moist to the touch but not overwatered.