Why Is Cardiovascular Endurance Important?

Cardiovascular endurance is important because it helps to boost the supply of oxygen in the body thus boosting strength. It is measured as the amount of oxygen carried in the blood and pumped by the heart to the active muscles. Increasing cardiovascular fitness means boosting the capability of the heart and the cardiovascular system to supply oxygen and energy.

Having good cardiovascular fitness is essential to the general health of an individual. It helps to reduce the risk of getting certain diseases, including stroke, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and hypertension. Cardiovascular endurance can be improved by activities that depend on the use of large groups of muscles, such as swimming, running, skating, jogging, cycling and stair climbing.

In sports, cardiovascular fitness is necessary for long-distance activities, such as running, swimming and marathon training. It also helps to boost the stamina of an individual. Poor cardiovascular endurance can make a person breathe heavily, causing him or her to get tired quickly. The energy transported in the body is made from a substance called andenosine triphosphate (ATP). A person can boost his or her cardiovascular endurance by including a plan for it in his or her daily exercise schedule.