How Is the Card Game 2500 Played?

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The card game 2500 is also known as 2500 Rummy and is played by dealing a face up card to each player, dealing additional cards based on the initial card and taking turns making runs. The game is scored after each round.

According to Pagat, each player may start with unequal sized hands. Wild cards are used with a high value of 100; aces also have a high value of 100 points. The reason 2500 Rummy is called “2500 Rummy” is simply because the goal is to reach 2,500 points.

To play this game, three or four players start with a 52-card deck. If there are more players, two decks must be used.

The dealer is chosen first, and the person to the dealer’s right cuts the deck. Each person receives a hand of cards at once instead of passing around the cards like in typical card games.

The dealer first provides a single card face up; this card’s value shows how many cards the player will receive. An ace gets 11 more cards, and face cards get 10 more cards. The dealer receives his cards last.

The remainder of the deck is stacked face down and is drawn from. The goal is now to make sets of three or more equal cards or runs of three or more cards of the same suit. Players take turns adding to the cards, creating runs. For example, if an 8 of clubs, 9 of clubs and 10 of clubs are played, the next player could play a 7 of clubs.

To end the turn, a player has to run out of cards or have no cards left to draw from. The hand is scored at the end of the round.