Why Do Car Wheels Squeak?

Massimo Calmonte (www.massimocalmonte.it)/Moment/Getty Images

According to car expert Carl O’Reilly, common causes of squeaky car wheels include inadequate lubrication, faulty wheel bearings, damaged wheel covers, worn brake pads and road debris caught between a rotor and its shield or dust cover. Most of these problems do not make the vehicle unsafe to drive, but it is very important to promptly rule out potentially dangerous problems, such as brake issues.

According to MyAutoRepairAdvice.com, inadequate lubrication is a common cause of squeaky car wheels, especially when the squeaking happens when driving forward and in reverse. Squeaky vehicles equipped with disc brakes often benefit from regular lubrication and repacking of the wheel bearings, a simple and straightforward procedure many car owners perform themselves. These services are also inexpensive at most car dealerships and repair shops.

Road debris is another potential cause of squeaky wheels. Even small pebbles cause noticeable and persistent squeaking when jammed into the braking mechanism. Plastic and metal litter also cause this problem. If not quickly removed, these objects create deep gouges in rotors, rotor covers and on brake pads. Immediate attention is the only way to prevent expensive brake repairs or replacement.

Faulty, damaged or ill-fitting wheel covers are also possible causes of wheel squeaking. Even minor damage, such as that incurred in a minor traffic accident, might knock a wheel cover out of alignment. Repairing or replacing the cover eradicates the squeaking noise.