How Do You Get Your Car on the Show “Overhaulin'”?

“Overhaulin'” and Chip Foose’s team are not accepting any new applications for projects in the foreseeable future as of 2015. The final season of “Overhaulin'” begins November 2015.

When “Overhaulin'” was still accepting potential projects, the show typically posted a link to the application on, with tweets and Facebook posts from Chip Foose to officially invite contenders.

The application was approximately four pages long, and prospective “Overhaulin'” guests submitted the completed application via postal mail to a corresponding “Overhaulin'” mailing address in Valley Village, California.

The application requirements included car information, such as the location of the car, its make, model, year and its history. Another section asked for specific biographical details about the “mark,” or the individual whose car needs overhauling.

The applicant also supplied details, such as name, occupation, address, age and the names of any accomplices. The “Overhaulin'” team asked for at least 15 photos: three each of the interior of the car, the exterior, full pictures of the car, the car’s owner and the main accomplice.

The final season features overhauls of a 1982 El Camino, a 1967 Ford Mustang, a Pontiac Trans Am and a 1968 Ford Mustang. “Overhaulin'” ran for its initial five seasons on TLC and then ran on Velocity and Discovery for seasons six through eight. There is no official word yet about whether another network intends to pick up the show for future seasons as of 2015.