Why Does a Car Make a Noise When the Wheel Is Turned?

Marin Tomas/Moment/Getty Images

A noise that comes from turning the wheel when going around corners usually comes from some part of the steering component; the steering system may need to be lubricated or replaced. It is important for car owners to have this diagnosed to ensure that the car is running properly and that the driver will not lose control as a result of the steering system being compromised.

The steering system works by attaching the steering wheel inside the car with a system of pivots and joints to the axles that are then attached to the tires. The way the tires move is dependent on the direction that the axles are being pushed by the steering wheel and they dictate the way that the car will move on the road. Because there are small parts within the pivots and joints, it is important that drivers do not steer their vehicles too harshly to ensure the pivots and joints are not damaged. When they do become damaged, they can cause the steering system to become harder to manage. A steering system that is damaged will work harder to make turns and will subsequently make whining or grinding noises during turns.