What Is the Capacity of a Kenmore 70-Series Washer?

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The capacity of the 70-series washers from Kenmore ranges from 3.9 cubic feet in the front-load model to 3.6 cubic feet in the smallest top-loading model. A 3.8 cubic-feet-capacity top-loading model is also available.

The Kenmore 70-series includes three washing machines, one front-loading model and two top-loading models. The front-loading model features high-efficiency waterfall baffles that shower water onto clothes for gentle clothing care. It has five cycles, five temperature settings, three soil levels and five spin speeds. It also features a delay-start button and a chime that rings when the wash is done.

Of the top-loading models in this series, the large-capacity, 3.8 cubic-feet model, is a high-performance machine that features a 3-part washing motion: a basket motion, an impeller and a detergent pump in the washer plate. The 3.6 cubic-feet Kenmore 22102 washer features a triple-action agitator that moves back and forth, up and down, and in a clockwise circle. It offers 12 wash cycles, including deep, bulky and delicate.