What Are the Capabilities of a Smartphone?

The capabilities of a smartphone include the ability to make telephone calls, send or receive emails, view Office documents, access the Internet, and send or receive multimedia messages. These phones also have other useful features such as an alarm clock, flashlight, apps and games.

A smartphone is a device that has the capability to act as a personal assistant. This device has an operating system that allows it to run applications. The capabilities of the smartphone is determined by the type of operating system the device utilizes. An operating system allows the device to run useful applications that help users view Office documents, access an address book or use GPS.

These phones also have the ability to access the Internet. Most smartphones access the Internet at high speeds, as a result of 3G and 4G data networks. The growth of Wi-Fi also allows users to access the Internet to browse their favorite websites.

Although all cell phones have the ability to send or receive text messages, a smartphone has the ability to send or receive multimedia messages, which includes picture and video messaging. A smartphone is also capable of managing multiple email accounts and can be synced with personal or professional email accounts.