What Is Cantonese-Style Chicken?

Andrew Watson/AWL Images/Getty Images

According to Rasa Malaysia, Cantonese-style chicken, or zhà zǐ jī in Cantonese pinyin, is a crispy-skinned, traditional roast chicken preparation that is usually eaten around Chinese New Year. It typically utilizes a wet marinating technique with Chinese five-spice powder.

After marinating in the five-spice mixture, Cantonese-style chicken is air-dried for several hours until the skin is completely dry. Next, the chicken is usually dressed in a vinegar barbecue syrup and then either deep-fried or roasted until the skin is crispy and sweet. This Cantonese dish is famous for the juxtaposition between tender, soft, white meat and crunchy, well-done skin, and it is often saved for special occasions with family.