What Candies Start With the Letter "K"?

Candies that start with the letter "K" include Kisses, Kit Kats, and Krackel bars, all of which are produced by The Hershey Company. Kimmie Corn is another candy that begins with the letter "K."

Kit Kats are chocolate-covered wafers. They come as full-size bars or miniature, bite-size versions and are available in milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate and extra crispy versions.

Kisses are foil-wrapped nuggets of chocolate that have been enjoyed by consumers for over a century. Their varieties include milk chocolate, caramel, almond cookies 'n' creme, dark chocolate and Hugs, which combine milk chocolate with white cream. Each variety of the candy is recognizable by the design and coloring of its foil wrapper. Kisses are produced in specially-colored foil wrappers for Easter, Valentine's Day, Halloween and Christmas.

Hershey's Krackel bar is a chocolate candy bar with crisped rice. Offered since the 1930s, Krackel comes in miniature versions as well as full-size bars.

Kimmie Corn, made by the Kimmie Candy Company, is a toasted corn kernel covered with chocolate and encased in a candy coating. Available in a variety of standard and seasonal colors, Kimmie Corn is offered in a Habanero version that is sweet and hot.