How Do You Cancel a Game Download?

Although the exact process for canceling a game download depends on which application the player uses to download it, he can typically cancel game downloads by clicking a dedicated Cancel button. Some common applications that players use to download games are Steam, game launchers and Internet browsers.

If using Steam to download a game, click the progress bar at the bottom of the window. Pause all game downloads by clicking Pause All, or pause a specific game download by clicking the Pause button on a game’s panel. This cancels the download progress but does not delete the files that are already downloaded. To delete the files, open your Library, right-click on a game from the list on the left, and click Delete Local Content.

If using a game launcher to download a game, look for a Cancel button on the download screen. It may look like a pause button, an “X,” or a button with the word Cancel written on it. For instance, Blizzard’s Battle.Net Launcher has a pause button to the right of the progress bar. Similar to Steam, the button only cancels the download and does not delete any files. To delete the files, click Options, and then click Uninstall Game.

If using a Web browser, open the download manager and look for a Cancel button. For instance, Mozilla Firefox displays a gray “X” to the right of the files.