How Do You Cancel Your Food Stamp Account?

Food-stamps benefits can be cancelled by contacting the assigned case worker and requesting benefits to be cancelled. Failure to meet the requirements or respond to requests by the state Department of Social Services or a case worker may result in the suspension or cancellation of benefits. When closing a food-stamps account, the beneficiary may be required to provide reasons for requesting the cancellation of benefits.

Changes in income, living situation and other benefits being received must be reported to a case worker immediately. An increase in benefits or income may automatically close a food-stamps account because the recipient no longer qualifies for those benefits. Not using food-stamps benefits for 365 days or more causes the benefits to be returned to the state and the account to be closed. The process by which a food-stamps account is closed, including how long it takes and whether or not the beneficiary is liable to repay some of the benefits received and used, varies by state. The department that issues food stamps may also vary by state. The Department of Social Services, Department of Children and Family Services, the Department of Temporary and Disability Assistance or other government agencies may be in charge of the food-stamps programs in a given state.