What Do Canadians Wear?

Canadians wear modest clothing similar in style and make to fashion in the USA, as the two cultures are closely shared. The major difference is that their styles are often more modest and utilitarian.

Canadian dress varies by region. The clothing style in Vancouver is more casual compared to other provinces, while the style in Toronto is closer to that of the British. French Canadian dress is far more relaxed than the rest of Canada, mirroring a laid back European style.

Due to the climate of Canada, many Canadians wear warm clothing. Dressing in layers is a common style for Canadians, as layered clothing allows a person to adjust to the changing temperatures of Canada. The popularity of layered clothing has given rise to many Canadians wearing sweaters or cardigans over their shirts.

Canadians wear less cotton due to its long drying time and how easily it gets soaked. Instead, many people wear wool, which dries faster and provides more warmth. Hats are a common clothing item among Canadians because of their ability to keep in body heat. Flannel jackets, denim pants and stout boots are also common Canadian attire.

With the weather being consistently colder than in the USA, Canadians wear stout clothing. Winter jackets, thermal underwear, gloves and knit caps are common clothes many wear all year round.