How Can You Write the Letter “Q” in Cursive?

The capital letter “Q” in cursive resembles a fancy number “2” more than its printed counterpart. For some people, it is not easy to remember how to write it since it is so different from the printed “Q.”

If writing the capital letter “Q” on lined paper, make its width that of the two parallel lines on the page with a “tail” slightly below the bottom line. Begin at the top line and make a loop downward toward the left and up to the top line again. Continue on down as if making the number “2.” When reaching the bottom line and a bit more to the left of the beginning of the letter, make another loop upward and to the right to form a long “tail” to the right; the tail should dip slightly below the bottom line and flow gracefully before curving up again until it reaches the bottom line where it stops.